Tesla is now also … cryptocurrency!

Tesla is now also ... cryptocurrency!

Elon Musk quite unexpectedly announced the creation of his own cryptocurrency called Tesla. The presale has just begun.

Tesla Token, as the new “cryptocurrency” is called, is intended to facilitate the development of another payment system based on blockchain. The new initiative also aims to create an exchange that will combine the ability to work with cryptocurrencies and classic stocks. User security is ensured by 10 levels of protection, whatever they are, and three data encryption algorithms.

Musk has already figured out how to pay in Tesla stores with bitcoins. Now he apparently wants to control his own virtual currency, which he will eventually have the most influence over. By playing with Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies, he could make multi-million dollar profits within days. It’s worth remembering that Tesla’s CEO doesn’t earn a regular salary – all of his profits come from stock trading. This explains his great commitment to stock exchange quotes, including those related to digital currencies.

Anyone wishing to purchase the token can pre-order it now. The cryptocurrency will be offered through the Coinbase exchange, where by exchanging for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherneum or BNB, Internet users will receive Ilon Musk’s proprietary currency. Regular sales will start shortly before the new year, which is December 31.

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