Pfizer’s vaccine against the Omicron strain will be ready in March

Pfizer's vaccine against the Omicron strain will be ready in March

Pfizer’s vaccine adapted to the Omicron coronavirus strain will be ready in March 2022. Pfizer CEO Albert Burla announced this on Monday.

“This vaccine will be ready in March. We are already beginning production of some number of doses, assuming the risks,” Burla said. It is unclear at this point whether there is a need for a specially adapted vaccine, but the company will prepare some quantities in advance, responding to demand from a number of countries.

“We hope that we can achieve something more effective in terms of protection against infection because the protection against hospitalization and severe disease that the current vaccines provide is at an acceptable level provided, a third dose of vaccination,” Burla said.

In December, Anthony Fauci said there was no need for a third dose specifically adapted to the new variant of the coronavirus because “regular booster vaccines will do the job just fine.”

The head of Moderna, Stephan Buncel, was also interviewed by CNBC on Monday. He said Moderna’s vaccine, adapted to the omicron strain, will be ready this fall.

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