LG’s smart home garden will allow you to grow vegetables all year round

LG's smart home garden will allow you to grow vegetables all year round

LG has decided to join the popular trend of growing vegetables at home with a new standalone device called Tiiun. It is a device for people who want to have greenery all year round, but do not want to start their own vegetable garden for that purpose. The Tiiun is already on sale in Korea.

The plug-in unit is the size of a miniature refrigerator and has two growing shelves. Each holds six seed blocks with soil and stem holes. The internal temperature is regulated automatically using LG’s own refrigerator technology. Time-synchronized LED lighting mimics natural diurnal cycles. The system also controls optimum airflow for growth. The transparent door allows gardeners to watch the crop grow and protects against insects, thereby eliminating the need for insecticides. You can expect your first harvest in 4-8 weeks.

The device is controlled by the LG ThinQ mobile app, where different settings are adjusted as needed. The app notifies users when the water tank in the device is empty, while the automatic watering will water the plants 8 times a day.

No word yet on pricing or availability outside of Korea, but the Tiiun already went on sale in October in LG’s domestic market for 1.49 million won ($1250). The company says the Tiiun will be virtually introduced on the digital booth at CES 2022 from Jan. 5.

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