Trump Comments On Democratic Debates

Trump Comments On Democratic Debates

US President Donald Trump commented the past July 31 debate of Democratic candidates for US presidency. 

“Very low ratings for the Democratic Debate last night — they’re desperate for Trump!” Trump published on his Twitter page. 

“The people on the stage tonight, and last, were not those that will either Make America Great Again or Keep America Great! Our Country now is breaking records in almost every category, from Stock Market to Military to Unemployment. We have prosperity & success like never before…It will soon be time to choose to keep and build upon that prosperity and success, or let it go. We are respected again all around the world. Keep it that way! I said I will never let you down, and I haven’t. We will only grow bigger, better and stronger TOGETHER!” 

Trump said earlier that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping wish former US Vice President Joe Biden to win the upcoming presidential election in the United States.

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