The White House told about the preparation of Biden for a meeting with Putin

The White House told about the preparation of Biden for a meeting with Putin

US President Joe Biden and his team are preparing for their first foreign tour and summits with NATO and G7 partners, as well as a meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, relying “on decades of experience,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Psaki’s response came on Tuesday evening after a question from reporters about how the American leader is preparing for a foreign tour starting this week and upcoming meetings with foreign leaders.

“He has been preparing for fifty years, he has been on the world stage, he knows a certain number of these leaders, including President Putin, including the leaders he will see at the NATO and G7 summit,” Psaki said at a briefing.

She also added that face-to-face meetings at the highest level are important, as face-to-face conversations are most effective.

“He (Biden) is involved in working with his team, talking about what bilateral contacts he will have, where the opportunities are, where the moments are, where the concerns of the United States should be expressed. He has several decades of experience, which he will count on in the continuation of the trip, ” said Jen Psaki.

In the near future, Biden will meet in the UK: first with the Prime Minister of the kingdom, Boris Johnson, and then with colleagues from other countries in the framework of the G7 summit, which will be held in London this weekend.

After that, the American leader will travel to Brussels for the US-NATO summit, and on June 16 in Geneva, he will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin for the first time as president.

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