The UWEP party submarine will accommodate up to 120 guests

The U-Boat Worx company presented a project of a universal submarine UWEP, designed for various events with up to 120 guests. It is a kind of underwater pavilion of 150 square meters, which can be converted into a restaurant, a nightclub, a conference room, and anything else. In addition to visitors, the submarine accommodates crew and service personnel.

The submarine is 35m long, 7.7m wide and 7m high, making it one of the roomiest of its class among civilian vessels. There is so much space inside that it has been divided into two floors, plus there are under-deck utility rooms with refrigerators and batteries. She has 14 4.5m diameter acrylic portholes on each side and an elaborate exterior light system for contemplating the beauty of the sea.

The speed of the UWEP is slow, 5.5 km/h above water, and 4.5 km/h under water, but it can descend to a depth of 200 m. A 1.2 megawatt-hour battery pack was designed specifically for this project, which gives the submarine 18 hours of operation, or up to 96 hours in emergency mode. The sub is all-electric, powered by 4 horizontal thrusters of 80 kW and 4 vertical thrusters of 40 kW each.

Alas, for now it’s just a beautiful concept, because it’s hard to imagine how much such a party submarine could cost, its rental and maintenance. However, the U-Boat Worx has made sure and developed a more economical version with a length of 27m that can accommodate 80 guests.