The largest floating office in the world opened in Rotterdam

The largest floating office in the world opened in Rotterdam

King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander together with former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva took part in the opening of the “Floating Office Rotterdam”. According to the statement of its creator, the Powerhouse Company, today this is the largest business building that is able to move on water. The project should be a hallmark of the country and the city of Rotterdam in terms of environmental protection, care for the climate and create a new urban way of life.

Technically, the floating office is simple: it is a 3,606-square-meter, three-story prefabricated wooden house resting on 15 pontoons. It has no engines, no big mechanisms either, the most complicated thing is 800 square meters of solar panels, adapted for work in northern latitudes. The office uses seawater for cooling, it has a green roof, and most importantly, the entire structure is fully recyclable at the end of its service life.

The floating office will be placed in Rijnhaven Harbor, where it will serve as an example of how business facilities can be moved as the redevelopment plan for the area progresses. It will house the head office of the Global Adaptation Center, where Ban Ki-moon currently works, the Powerhouse itself, a branch of ABN Amro Bank, a RED Company office and a restaurant.

The Floating Office Rotterdam also demonstrates how humanity can tackle current climate challenges. It is mobile and can move anywhere in the world, it is not afraid of the rise in sea level due to global warming. The structure has zero carbon emissions and is fully self-sufficient in energy. According to the authors’ idea, it should serve as an example and inspiration for engineers and architects.

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