The first verdict in the Capitol assault case was handed down in Washington

The first verdict in the Capitol assault case was handed down in Washington

A court in Washington handed down the first sentence in the case of the storming of the U.S. Congress building in January of this year. Indiana resident Anna Morgan-Lloyd received three years’ probation. The supporter of former U.S. leader Donald Trump will also have to spend 120 hours on community service and pay a fine of $500.

According to prosecutors, the 49-year-old supporter of former United States President Donald Trump from Indiana spent about 10 minutes inside the Capitol building and did not participate in acts of violence or property damage, the Huffington Post reports. The woman’s lack of prior convictions was also in favor of a reduced verdict.

Thus Anna Morgan-Lloyd has received three years probation. While serving her sentence, she is forbidden to own a gun and have to pass a drug test. In addition, the woman will have to spend 120 hours on community service and pay a $500 fine.

“I would just like to apologize to the court, the American people and my family,” Morgan-Lloyd said tearfully during her sentencing Wednesday, June 23.

Meanwhile, in the days after the Capitol assault, the woman wrote on her social media, “This is a day I will remember forever. Proud to have been a part of it.”
In court, however, Anna Morgan-Lloyd pleaded guilty, stressing: “I was there to peacefully express support for President Trump. I am ashamed that it turned into a violent display of violence. I never would have gone there if I had known it would turn out this way.” 

The convict also notified the judges that she had no intention of “participating in something so shameful to the American people,” but that her presence in the crowd still allowed other protesters to attack officers and wreck the building.
As instructed by a Washington court-appointed lawyer working to educate clients about the ugliest chapters of American history, Morgan-Lloyd read the books Just Pardon and Bury My Heart at Woonded Nye, and watched the movies Schindler’s List, Another Name for Slavery and The Burning of Tulsa, the newspaper reported. The woman said she “lived a secluded life” and learned from the experiences of others before being sentenced.

“I realized that even though we live in a beautiful country, we still have a lot to look forward to,” Morgan-Lloyd reported. – People of all colors should feel as safe as I do when I walk down the street.”
In addition, Morgan-Lloyd told the court that she “would like to see the artwork and statues that are in the Congressional Building” and “walk where some of the greatest people in United States history once walked.”
“She hopes one day to return to the Capitol as a sign of respect and reverence for our country,” the woman’s attorney said.

In all, about 500 people are being tried in the Washington riot case. The perpetrators face charges ranging from trespassing in the U.S. Congress building to assaulting law enforcement officials. According to the police themselves, the remaining defendants should not expect to avoid actual jail time.
Hundreds of additional investigations are underway, and hundreds more suspects, still to be arrested, are on the FBI’s wanted list.

The U.S. government estimates that more than $30 million will have to be spent to renovate the U.S. Congress building. The Justice Department noted that “it is imperative that those who caused or contributed to the destruction of the Capitol be held accountable for the cost of its repair and rebuilding.” Therefore, “the financial burden should fall on the shoulders of the rioters, not the innocent taxpayers.”

Recall, on January 6, supporters of former U.S. leader Donald Trump stormed the building of the U.S. Congress, interrupting the session, which was to approve the results of the presidential election. Five people died as a result of the incident, including a female protester shot dead by law enforcement officers and a Capitol Police officer. The congressmen were evacuated to safety just a few minutes before the crowd of protesters broke into the meeting rooms.

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