The British have developed the Invisibility Shield

Harry Potter’s fabled invisibility cloak is slowly becoming a reality. The British startup Invisibility Shield reported the creation of a material, behind which any objects become invisible.

To earn money for further research, the company has placed its invention on Kickstarter. To become the owner of a rectangular-shaped shield of the miracle material measuring 90 x 60 cm is possible for $ 400.

One of its main advantages – the ability to work without a power source. And yet the technology used here – just a clever optical trick, a kind of funny engineering. The shield uses a precision matrix of lenses to direct most of the light reflected from the object away from the observer. Thus, the object hidden behind the shield becomes virtually invisible.

The shield is unable to perfectly reproduce the “picture” behind the hidden object. As a result, it is a kind of blurred image.

According to the developers on Kickstarter, the greatest effect is achieved on homogeneous backgrounds – for example, on the background of leaves, grass, sand, sky and rails.

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