Scientists Warn Of The Danger Of Fructose For The Liver

Scientists Warn Of The Danger Of Fructose For The Liver

Scientists from the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston concluded that high fructose in the diet suppresses the ability of the liver to burn fat. 

A similar amount of glucose, as the researchers said, does not affect metabolic rates. 

The author of the study, professor at Harvard Medical School Ronald Cohn explained that “fructose makes the liver accumulate fat. It acts almost like adding more fat to the diet. This contrasts the effect of adding more glucose to the diet, which promotes the liver’s ability to burn fat, and therefore actually makes for a healthier metabolism.” 

Cohn emphasized that “adding fructose to the diet makes the liver store more fat, and this is bad for the liver and bad for whole body metabolism.” 

Scientists have conducted studies in which they compared the effects on metabolism of six different diets in animals. They used different combinations of glucose, fructose, and fat levels. 

Scientists controlled the activity of the enzyme CPT1a – it indicates that mitochondria do their job correctly when burning fat. 

Researchers found that with a diet high in fat and fructose, the enzyme level is low, and mitochondria do not function properly.

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