Samsung launches its own AI-powered recipe app

Samsung has launched a Food app that covers different aspects of cooking. It is based on the Whisk food database, which the company bought a few years ago. The app contains 160,000 recipes from the cuisines of 104 countries in eight different languages.

A key element of the new product is the use of artificial intelligence technology, which allows for the combination and rational use of the brand’s wide range of household appliances. Up to full control of the cooking process – you just need to put the products on command into the appropriate devices. AI will also be able to control the contents of the refrigerator, make plans for purchases, cooking for different types of diets, modernize recipes for personal requests.

Next year, the app will acquire the function of recognizing products and dishes through the video camera to more accurately give hints to users. Also will be added a function of synchronization with the Samsung Health platform to analyze the nutrition and health parameters of the user. It is not excluded that the app will get integration with payment systems and will be able to make its own food purchases.

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