Donald Trump’s trial continues in New York

Cross-examination of a key witness in the criminal trial against Donald Trump continued in New York. The testimony of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen could play a crucial role in the outcome of the trial.

Trump is accused of concealing a payment of 130 thousand dollars to porn actress Stormy Daniels so that she would not disclose information about the connection with the former US President. The prosecution, in particular, is trying to prove that the payments made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen were labeled as legal expenses in financial documents.

During questioning at the trial, the defense of the former President is trying to prove that the testimony of Michael Cohen is not credible. Donald Trump himself before the beginning of the meeting held confidently and made it clear, addressing the press, that the result of the process will put everything in its place.

“All the comments, all the legal experts, whose opinion I have had time to read, say that there is no case and no crime,” said the former US president. “It’s a disgrace that this was allowed to happen. The judge, as you know, is very conflicted, as conflicted as anybody I’ve ever seen. He should not be a judge. He should have nothing to do with this case.”

A delegation of Republican politicians, including representatives of the U.S. Congress, came to the courthouse to support Donald Trump. At an impromptu press conference, they said they disagreed with the court’s decision to ban Trump from speaking out about witnesses and commenting on their testimony. Among them is Florida state representative, Congressman Matt Gaetz.

“There is literally no branch of government that Michael Cohen has not lied to,” Goetz stated. – He lied to the judge who sentenced him. He lied to the Congress of the United States, and he lied for his own gain.”

“This is a fraudulent trial,” added Virginia Congressman Bob Goode, speaking to reporters. “Its purpose is to hurt the candidate who will become President of the United States.”

Despite the testimony of Michael Cowan, who confirmed the payment of “payoffs” to Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump does not plead guilty to the charges. His lawyer, during the questioning, will apparently try to prove that, denouncing the former president, Michael Cohen pursues personal gain. The outcome of the high-profile trial is widely attributed to the effect that the testimony of a key witness, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, will have on the jury.

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