Rihanna became a neighbor of Paul McCartney

Rihanna became a neighbor of Paul McCartney

Singer and actress Rihanna has purchased a luxury mansion in Beverly Hills (California, USA), which is located just across the street from the home of British musician Paul McCartney, reports the Daily Mail.

The residence, built in the 1930s, is located in a cozy place among the greenery and mountains. The house, according to the publication, has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a swimming pool and a spacious courtyard. The purchase cost the star $ 13.8 million.

Mariah Carey rented a house in the area for a while, and also lived in a period of strict self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic Madonna.
The publication notes that the mansion once belonged to Mary Sheldon-the daughter of the writer and screenwriter, Oscar winner Sidney Sheldon. Then in 2016, entrepreneur and investor Daniel Starr bought the estate from her for $ 4.3 million.

He carried out a major renovation and redevelopment of the residence. After a while, Starr put it up for sale for 15 million US dollars, but then agreed to throw off 1.2 million.

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