Ovrdrive USB Flash Drive with self-destruct function is about to hit the market

There are some professions that require extra protection of confidential information – journalists, hackers, IT security specialists. It is for them that Ryan Walker, an employee of Interrupt Labs, has developed an unusual flash drive called Ovrdrive USB.

At first glance, it is an ordinary flash drive without hardware encryption. In fact, it has two amazing features – unusual activation and self-destruct capability. For example, in order for a computer to detect the drive, it must be inserted into the USB port three times, otherwise all information will remain hidden and the device will be displayed as a “corrupted disk”.

To self-destruct, the Ovrdrive USB has the ability to change the voltage applied to it, which causes the device to heat up to 212 °F. The developer specifies that this will not completely destroy the drive. To bring the matter “to the end”, the user will need to apply a flammable substance to the chip. To avoid accidental activation, the feature is disabled by default.

Walker has now put his development on crowdfunding, where he has already managed to raise about $4000 of the $3,500 goal. The Ovrdrive USB should go on sale this August at a price of $70.

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