Coca-Cola used AI to create an ad for a new beverage

Coca-Cola has become one of the first to embrace the power of AI to improve its products. It created a new advertisement for sports drinks produced under the Bodyarmor brand. Generative artificial intelligence has produced a real masterpiece, but hardly any living person will be delighted by the slogan “Electrolytes bring success in the mouth”.

The visuals are also expertly chosen: the video features shots of changing parts of the human body, a drink pouring into an athlete’s mouth, a huge pulsating jug of sports drink exploding over a thirsty crowd. The video is called “Field of Fake” and attempts to deliver a powerful message that the new drink for athletes provides “total hydration.”

Kristen Rumble, vice president of brand strategy at Bodyarmor, said the video was entirely created by GenAI and adjusted using VFX tools and machine learning.

However, this is far from the first failed ad that humans have enlisted AI to create. Most likely, the day when AI ads will resemble human creations is not tomorrow. However, despite the failures, this path is attractive to businesses because it allows them to significantly reduce advertising budgets by excluding humans from the process.

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