Taylor Swift’s music can save your life

Scientists at Monash University have found the music best suited to first aid for heart attacks. As it turned out, the songs of Taylor Swift are optimally suited for this purpose. The fact that the singer found almost 50 tracks in which the rhythm is 120 beats per minute. The researchers have hope that the younger generation will learn to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation under these songs.

In order for the manipulation to be successful, it is necessary to keep the number of chest presses in the range of 100-120 times per minute. Swift’s work includes many songs that fall into this range – these findings were presented at the Swiftposium 2024 scientific conference. Taylor’s songs, being iconic for the younger generation, are best suited for teaching resuscitation skills and can replace their counterparts that have begun to lose relevance.

Previously, the Bee Gees’ song Stayin’Alive, released in 1977, was used as a metronome. It was used as a basis for determining the time of artificial ventilation. But it is little known to today’s youth – any of Swift’s 50 songs can successfully replace it. Properly performed CPR, while the ambulance is on its way to the call, increases the patient’s chances of survival by at least 2 times.

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