Mercedes is ready to speed up your electric car – for a modest $1200 a year

Mercedes is ready to speed up your electric car - for a modest $1200 a year

Monetization can piss off millions of consumers around the world, but it still conquers new heights. Mercedes has announced the launch of Acceleration Increase service for its EQS or EQE electric cars. For only $1200 a year, you will unlock what the car already has – its full speed characteristics.

This innovation is best suited for electric cars, the parameters of which are easier to adjust with software than in cars with internal combustion engines. For example, you can artificially improve the acceleration time by as much as 20%. The descriptions of the option state that all electric motor parameters will be improved after the service is activated. This means that they are initially underestimated by default.

How can we not recall the story of BMW’s recent initiative to introduce additional paid options for heated seats and steering wheel for a modest $18 and $12 a month, respectively. A pittance compared to Mercedes’ $1200 request, but even that generated a wave of outrage, and talented hackers quickly hacked into the system and returned the heat to car owners. Alas, this is a reason for manufacturers to refuse to service vehicles under warranty, so the standoff is sure to continue.

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