Marilyn Malerba to take over as treasurer

Marilyn Malerba to take over as treasurer

Janet Yellen on Tuesday announced the appointment of Marilyn Malerba as treasurer. Because Marilyn Malerba is both a lifelong chief of the Mohegan tribe and the treasurer, according to the law, signs the money appropriation, it will be the first time a Native American woman’s signature will appear on U.S. money.

Soon Janet Yellen will also announce the creation of a structure within the department that will deal with tribal and Native American affairs (this structure will report to the treasurer).

The treasurer’s position has been vacant since January 2020, when the incumbent, Jovita Carranza, headed the Small Business Administration in the previous administration.

Marilyn Malerba appoints President Joe Biden to the new position. The appointment of the Treasurer is the President’s prerogative and will not be subject to Senate confirmation.

The prepared text of Yellen’s speech establishing the new office emphasizes that the move will be an expression of the administration’s commitment to Native American interests and needs.

“Chief Malerba will serve to expand our unique relationship with tribal nations by continuing our collaborative efforts to support economic opportunities for citizens,” the document reads.

Malerba has served as chief of the Mohegan Nation in Connecticut since 2010. She previously chaired the tribal council and was executive director of health and human services.