Jim Carrey criticized Smith’s act at the Oscars

Jim Carrey criticized the audience’s reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar presentation minutes after he punched ceremony host Chris Rock.

“I almost threw up from all the standing ovations. Hollywood is just spineless. A clear sign that we’re not a cool club anymore,” Kerry said.

He thinks Smith should have been ejected from the Oscars right after he raised his hand at The Rock. According to Kerry, Rock didn’t file a police report because he didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Kerry assures that if he were in Rock’s shoes, he would have sued Smith for $200 million. After all, the punching footage will remain on the Web forever.

“This insult will be remembered for a long time. If you can’t stand it, shout something from the audience and show your disapproval. Or write on your microblog. But no one has the right to go up on stage and punch another person in the face just because he said something wrong, “- explains his position Kerry.

Kerry suggests that Smith slapped Rock because the actor is “torn with depression.”

“I only wish him well. I have nothing against Will. He’s done a lot of good things, but he obviously didn’t show himself at his best here,” Kerry said.

Will Smith stood up for his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, who is suffering from hair loss, at the 94th Academy Awards. The incident happened after host Chris Rock made a joke about her haircut. Smith took the stage and punched the comedian in the face.

Will Smith has already apologized to Rock. The actor admitted that his behavior was “unacceptable and inexcusable.”

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