Truck drivers have blocked traffic in Barcelona, protesting rising fuel prices

About twenty trucks blocked the traffic on the freeway Ronda Litoral in Barcelona, protesting against the increase in fuel prices. Due to the rise in world oil prices caused by anti-Russian sanctions of the West, the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel in Spain reaches unprecedented levels.

For several days there have been walking protests by transport workers. It is reported that on Wednesday, March 30, the action provoked a nine-kilometer traffic jam.

Last week, the Spanish government has agreed to compensate 20 euro cents per liter of gasoline and diesel, the total amount of support – 600 million euros. At the same time, Miguel Angel Makeda, a representative of the National Platform for the Protection of Transport in Barcelona, said that the protests will continue.

Since March 14, employees of the transport sector in Spain are holding an indefinite strike, which led to disruptions in supplies throughout the country.

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