In New York, 67,000 cases of covid were detected in a 24-hour period

In New York, 67,000 cases of covid were detected in a 24-hour period

A new anti-record of COVID-19 cases was registered in New York State – about 67 thousand cases were detected in 24 hours, which is 64% higher than the previous day. This was announced by the governor of the state, Kathy Hocul.

Hokul urged state residents to step up efforts to counter the spread of COVID-19 – using personal protective equipment, vaccinations and revaccinations in light of the expected further increase in the disease in January. Of the more than 362,500 covid screening tests done in the state in the previous 24 hours, 18.5 percent tested positive, she said.

“It is extremely important that as we approach the New Year that we not allow ourselves to let our guard down in our fight against the pandemic,” the publication quoted the governor as saying. – Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to put COVID-19 behind us.”

State officials reported a 10% increase in hospitalizations diagnosed with COVID-19 (to approximately 6,700 cases) over the previous 24 hours and 97 deaths from complications from COVID-19, also a record high in recent months. With the pandemic’s increasing trend, Hokul urged state service and agency leaders to “prepare for an increase in illness in January.”

“We know it’s coming. It would be naive to think it’s not going to happen,” the Hill quoted the governor as saying. – We do think there’s going to be an increase in incidence and it’s going to continue.”

On Tuesday, Johns Hopkins University, which conducts counts based on federal and local information, recorded a record daily increase in coronavirus cases in the country since the U.S. pandemic began – more than 512,500.

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