Global incidence of Covid declines for the third week in a row

Global incidence of Covid declines for the third week in a row

The number of new cases of coronavirus infection in the world is declining for the third week in a row. As follows from WHO calculations, for the last seven days, 3.8 million people have been diagnosed on the planet – almost 0.2 million fewer than in the previous similar period. Mortality rate increased by 10% at once: if last week about 58 thousand deaths were registered in the world, this week – more than 65 thousand.

North America
In North America, only Canada continues to get sicker. On Monday, authorities said 9,000 new cases a day, the highest since May, and the infection rate in the country jumped by a third over the week.

In the United States, where about 150,000 cases a day – more than in any other nation – are still being detected, the disease situation has stabilized over the past two weeks. But deaths in the United States have reached February levels – more than 2,000 deaths daily.

In Mexico, the incidence has dropped 1.8 times since mid-August, to 12,000 cases a day. But mortality, like in the United States, is at February levels – an average of 700 deaths each day.

In most Western European countries, the rate of infection has declined. In France, they have almost halved since mid-August, and in Spain they have decreased sevenfold at once. The situation in Italy has been stable since July, and it stabilized in Germany at the end of August, after an upswing.

In the UK, after another serious outbreak, the number of detected cases dropped by 30% to 28,000 per day in a week. However, the United Kingdom ranks third in the world after the United States and India, and has risen to fourth in the total number of cases, ahead of Russia.

In Eastern Europe a new wave continues: in the Czech Republic and Poland the number of confirmed cases has doubled since the beginning of September, and in Ukraine – 2.5 times. But in absolute terms the situation in Eastern European countries looks better than in Western Europe: so, in the Czech Republic the number of cases grows by 600-700 per day, and in neighboring Germany – by 12 thousand.

Outbreaks of coronavirus have been contained in most Asian countries, but in Malaysia and the Philippines the disease incidence remains at a maximum of 18,000-20,000 cases per day. In both states, deaths are also at their peak, with about 450 infected people dying every day in Malaysia and nearly 600 reported in the Philippines on Thursday. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, where 50,000 infections a day were reported in July, the incidence has dropped about 15 times, and in Bangladesh, 7 times.

There are foci in the Near and Middle East as well: in Turkey, for example, the number of detected cases increased by more than 20% in a week, and in Israel it is close to the maximum in the whole pandemic. Moreover, every day in the Jewish state about 50 deaths are registered, although almost all summer we were talking about isolated cases. In Iran, on the other hand, the spread of infection has slowed by half after another massive outbreak.

Another wave of the coronavirus – now in its fourth year – is occurring in several countries in Africa, from Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia to Kenya and Mauritius. Most cases are in the hundreds of cases, but in Tunisia more than a thousand infections have already been confirmed every day.

According to local experts, the third wave is still going on in the rest of Africa. At the same time in South Africa the situation is stable after the summer peak: a little more than 4,000 new cases and about 300 deaths are registered there every day.

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