Electric motorhome sets off on a 3,000-kilometer journey

Electric motorhome sets off on a 3,000-kilometer journey

The Solar Team, a student group from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, has previously built several energy-efficient solar-powered vehicles. Their latest development is the unusual Stella Vita camper with an elevated roof, which is set to make a 3,000-kilometer journey across Europe this month.

The streamlined concept is a motorhome with an 8.8 m² solar panel built into the roof to store energy in a 60 kW⋅h lithium-ion battery pack while driving up to 120 km/h. When parked, the retractable solar panels fold out to an area of 17.5 m².

Thanks to the raised roof, the driver and passenger can walk upright during parking, cook in the kitchen or take a shower. The calculation is made for autonomous power supply from solar panels, so there is no need for charging stations along the route.

All power status data is displayed on the main driver’s display, and there is room in the center console for a portable Bluetooth speaker. In addition to the driver and passenger doors, the vehicle has two large doors behind the cabin, and retractable solar panels create shade when campers sit outside.

In addition to a compact kitchen unit, the interior of the Stella Vita has L-shaped benches with a built-in storage drawer, a small dining table, shelving, cabinets and a sleeping area. There’s even mention of a TV and coffee maker, but nothing about a built-in toilet.

The car can drive up to 730 km a day in bright sunlight and up to 600 km at night when the battery is fully charged.

To prove the concept’s capabilities, the team members will take it on a European road trip with stops in Paris, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Zaragoza, Madrid and Toledo. The rally is scheduled to end in Spain’s southernmost point, Tarifa, on October 15.


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