Donald Trump criticized the media’s treatment of his wife

Donald Trump criticized the media's treatment of his wife

After surviving his impeachment, Donald Trump gave a short interview to Newsmax TV. Since the family left the confines of the White House, many have wondered about the former U.S. lady’s condition. “She’s a very confident person. Melania was a famous model in her day and she knows how to show restraint. Crowds of people came, not for my presidential word, but to see her. Many of them stood with placards where they professed their love for the first lady of the United States,” the politician said.

There is a lot of discussion today that Chris Matthews will be the new Speaker of the House. This has greatly angered Trump, as Matthews once incorrectly expressed himself to his beloved wife. The couple once found themselves in the middle of a hurricane in Texas, but because of her position, Melania was obligated to look good under any circumstances. And then she was laughed at because she never takes her heels off, even though she actually took a bag of sportswear with her on the plane.

Donald is still annoyed by the media’s unfair treatment of his wife’s personal life and behavior. However, Trump firmly believes that Melania is a truly remarkable person. For the former head of state, the very fact that the people of America still love her and remember her as the brightest first lady in the history of the presidency is important.

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