Election 2024

Dean Phillips has announced he’s running for president of the United States

Member of the House of Representatives of Congress Dean Phillips (Dem-MN) decided to become a rival of the current American leader Joe Biden in the struggle for nomination as a candidate for the U.S. presidential nomination from the Democratic Party.

“Yes. I should,” Phillips said when asked if he would run for the country’s highest office in the 2024 election.

“I think President Biden has done a tremendous job for our country,” he added. “But this is not about the past here. This election is for the future,” Phillips emphasized. In his opinion, the results of public opinion polls indicate that the next presidential election could be an “emergency” for the Democrats.

Biden should not be considered the only possible Democratic candidate. He expressed confidence that “the country is asking for alternatives.” According to the congressman, a primary vote is required to decide who will be the Democratic nominee for the highest office in the United States.

Phillips could self-fund his campaign. He is a billionaire and co-founder of Talenti Gelato, a food company.

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