China opposed U.S. anti-Russian sanctions

China opposed U.S. anti-Russian sanctions

China opposes the United States’ anti-Russian sanctions and will always take an objective and independent position on the Ukrainian issue. This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Wednesday.

“We oppose the sanctions and our position is quite clear,” he stressed at the briefing. – The U.S. has recently made numerous provocative statements regarding China on this issue. We will firmly defend the interests of PRC individuals and companies.”

According to the Chinese diplomat, Washington is actively using all available levers to put pressure on the international community to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

“These are blatant hegemonic threats, indicating that the United States government is guided by Cold War thinking,” Zhao Lijian added.

China has consistently maintained an “objective and independent position” on the Ukrainian issue and “maintains its own judgment.” Beijing seeks to reduce escalation in Ukraine by promoting constructive negotiations between Moscow and Kiev.

“Any attempts to distort China’s efforts in this direction, as well as the dissemination of false information to slander China, show irresponsibility, they are also immoral,” Zhao Lijian noted. – Once again, sanctions have never been an effective way to solve problems.

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