Biden to Convene Online Meeting on Fighting Cybercrime

Biden to Convene Online Meeting on Fighting Cybercrime

U.S. President Joe Biden intends to convene a meeting on combating cybercrime in October. According to a statement from the head of state released Friday by the White House, Washington expects 30 countries to participate in the event.

“We will bring 30 countries together this month to intensify our cooperation in combating cybercrime, in improving law enforcement cooperation, in curbing the illegal use of cryptocurrency, and in diplomatic engagement on these issues,” the statement said.

“Cyber threats can affect every American, every company and community. That’s why my administration is directing a nationwide effort to counter cyber threats. We are building a coalition of nations to protect and invest in robust 5G technology and to make our supply chains more secure. And we are taking full advantage of our ability to stop malicious activity in cyberspace,” Joe Biden added.

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