Biden confirms Buttigieg’s nomination for Transportation Secretary

Biden confirms Buttigieg's nomination for Transportation Secretary

President-elect Joe Biden confirmed in a press release that he will nominate former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for the post of Secretary of Transportation.

“The first openly gay man in American history as a major presidential candidate and one of the youngest candidates ever to win a state primary, Buttigieg is a civil servant who breaks down barriers,” the release said.

buttigieg was elected mayor of south bend, indiana, at the age of 29. In 2020, he ran for president, but in the company of a dozen other candidates lost the primaries to Joe Biden.

“”Marpit Buttigic is a patriot who knows how to solve problems and find a way to the best sides of our national character. I am nominating him for Secretary of Transportation because this position is at the center of the overlapping challenges and opportunities that await us,” Biden said. According to him, Buttigic will deal with job creation, infrastructure, equality and climate issues, among other things.

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