Another UFO video has stumped even the most hardened skeptics

Another UFO video has stumped even the most hardened skeptics

Matt Doughty was watching TV with his buddy when his phone rang. A notification from the smart doorbell app read: “Motion detected!” The man decided to see who had been brought to his doorstep, since he wasn’t expecting visitors. What he saw on the recording shocked him. Apparently, an outdoor camera had captured a UFO flying over the city.

Matt works in logistics, and he just couldn’t believe in a visit from an extraterrestrial civilization. So he sent the video to his father, who has devoted his life to amateur aviation. Dad concluded that it was definitely not an airplane. Since then, the only theory was that it was a UFO.

It was, really, pretty creepy. I thought, “Oh my God, it flew pretty close.” I wondered if I had uncovered something no one else knew about. When I showed the tape to my friend Kevin, he said: “God, it looks like a UFO.”

A couple of weeks later, Matt decided to post the footage to social media after all, so people could share their guesses as to what the three lights were flying through the sky. The video immediately went viral. Among the hundreds of comments, no one was able to come up with anything even remotely plausible.

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