An unusual “Green Office of the Future” will appear in Hollywood

An unusual "Green Office of the Future" will appear in Hollywood

MAD Architects unveiled plans for a new type of building, which is ambitiously called “The Office of the Future”. Its main feature is the total greening of the workspace, which makes the entire structure resemble a garden tower. The authors of the idea believe that this approach will create harmony and contribute to a healthy working atmosphere.

The building was given the catchy name “Star”. which is a reference to the celebrity stars on the Walk of Fame on Sunset Boulevard, in the heart of Hollywood. It’s also supposed to become something similar, a new urban landmark. True, there’s no word yet on any kind of building permit for a 22-story structure in this iconic American cultural landmark.

Also the concept of a “Green Building” is supposed to remind of the Hollywood Hills, which were originally just overgrown vacant lots. Accordingly, moving around the office would be either on foot through the thicket or by elevators on the exterior rails outside the building. They will take visitors to the roof, where there will be a restaurant and an observation deck.

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