American Created a Business for $100 on the Advice of GPT-4

American Created a Business for $100 on the Advice of GPT-4

The story of how Jackson Greathouse Fall was able to build a successful business in as little as $100 in one day with the help of the GPT-4 made a splash on the Internet. But it disappeared suspiciously quickly from the news agenda, and now it’s clear why. The miracle didn’t happen, the simulated AI confirmed – it only creates illusions, not a product that is actually in demand. And making money from it is extremely problematic.

Fall instructed GPT-4 to create a new brand and promote it in order to make money, but he had no intention of making or selling anything. The AI dutifully chose the popular niche of eco-friendly kitchen gadgets, helped create a logo for the new firm, and gave advice on buying targeted advertising on social media. And in doing so, kept within the designated budget of $100 – some money even left over.

A delighted Fall reported the very next day that he had raised $1378 in investment for his startup from enthusiastic Twitter followers, but then abruptly went silent. According to Fall’s company, Greathouse Fall, the startup’s actual earnings were only $109 for the week. Indeed – it’s hard to sell something that doesn’t exist. And even with advanced AI, it’s not easy to make money from advertising and hype. As the experts point out, Fall was generally lucky, since it already had enough subscribers on social media to respond to the novelty.

There is a reasonable suspicion that Fall did not plan to create any full-fledged business, but only explored the possibilities of exploiting AI-hype. Currently there is a surge in the incredible popularity of neural networks and all sorts of AI-based tinkering, which is comparable to the “gold rush.” And, as has happened many times in history, it is not those who dig for gold who make the most money in such times, but those who sell them shovels.

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