Xiaomi is preparing to launch its own smart glasses with a number of new technologies

Xiaomi is preparing to launch its own smart glasses with a number of new technologies

Following Ray-Ban Stories from Facebook, Xiaomi’s smart glasses weigh only 51 grams. In addition to displaying smartphone notifications, they have a number of other features.

Like wearable devices from Facebook, Xiaomi smart glasses look almost like regular glasses, but they are able to show notifications about incoming calls, navigation prompts and instantly translate text.

All of this information is sent to the field of view of the user thanks to a MicroLED display measuring 2.4 x 2.02 mm with a pixel size of 4 microns. To keep the image clear even in direct sunlight, Xiaomi chose a bright monochrome display. The light signal is directed to the eye through fiber-optic light guides etched into the right lens.

Thanks to the multiple reflection of light rays, the user’s eye receives a high-quality image. All optical refractions take place right inside the glass of the glasses without any additional lenses and translucent mirrors, as it is implemented in similar devices of other manufacturers.

The smart glasses consist of almost 500 components, including a quad-core ARM processor, a battery, a touch pad, various sensors, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules and run the Android operating system.

The wearable device serves not just as a second screen for a paired smartphone, but can provide navigation prompts, read with a built-in 5-megapixel camera and translate typed text, and more. The camera can also be used for normal photography.

The glasses have a built-in microphone and speaker and can make calls from a paired phone, provide voice interaction with digital assistants, and display text and push notifications.

Xiaomi has not yet announced a production date for its smart glasses.

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