Venice’s famous city canals have dried up

Venice's famous city canals have dried up

Thanks to an abnormally warm winter, Europeans managed to survive the winter in the midst of an acute energy crisis. However, it seems that the main misfortunes of Europeans lie in the summer. The fact is that as a result of the snowless winter, the largest rivers in the region are disastrously shallow.

In the past three years, Italy has become one of the most drought-hit European countries. The largest river in the country, the Po is less than 40% full. What is happening in Venice can only be called a catastrophe – the city’s famous canals are drying up.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice is very popular among tourists all over the world thanks to its canals. However, recent photos published on the Internet and in the media show long stretches of shallow canals turned into muddy puddles. In addition to tourism, the city’s infrastructure – in particular, urban (mostly water) transport, including ambulances – suffers.

Usually during the fall and winter rains in Venice sometimes there was even an overabundance of water, which caused the city center to be partially flooded. Today, however, city officials are powerless against the vagaries of nature, and all they can do is pray for at least 50 rainy days. Only this will help Venice overcome the devastating water crisis.