Unusual folding display Splay 24-inch diagonal fits in a backpack

Unusual folding display Splay 24-inch diagonal fits in a backpack

Five years ago, the startup Arivia introduced the SPUD portable display, which can be folded into a backpack or bag if necessary. The further development of this gadget will be Splay – a folding display with higher resolution, also working in projector mode.

The projection unit in the Splay is much more advanced than the SPUD, which had an immediate impact on image quality. In addition, the novelty has become more compact and lighter.

The fold-out display weighs 1.1 kg and looks something like an umbrella turned inside out with a projection screen in the front. Packed Splay comes in a small hard case. In the working position the device is led by pressing the slider located in the back. When unfolded, the gadget looks like a CRT monitor with a projection unit on the back. The display is 24 inches diagonal.

The projection unit is equipped with manual controls for brightness, focus, magnification, and volume. A separate button is responsible for switching between normal mode and operation of the projector in “standalone” mode, which allows you to project an image (up to 80 inches diagonally) on the wall.

Thanks to the HDMI input, the Splay can be connected to a laptop or smartphone. The USB port turns the device into a power bank for charging smartphones or powering a wireless adapter (for example, Chromecast or Apple TV).

The built-in power supply provides four hours of operating life on a single charge. The Splay can also run from a wall outlet via the USB-C port on the back.

The Splay is currently priced at $700 on Kickstarter. Going forward, its retail price could rise to $1,300.

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