U.S. Supreme Court upholds Trump’s immigration policy

U.S. Supreme Court upholds Trump's immigration policy

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected President Joe Biden’s petition to repeal the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). This act was an element of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policy. The court’s decision is reported by Reuters.

With its verdict, the highest court supported its colleagues from the District Court of Texas, which had previously blocked the White House executive order that terminated the MPP in the United States. The Biden administration decided to challenge the Texas judges’ move before the Supreme Court. However, six of the nine members of the Supreme Court did not agree with the position of the American leader.

According to the protocols, migrants are obliged to wait for the decision of the US court on assigning them refugee status before entering the American territory. Because of this law, thousands of asylum seekers remain in Mexico, waiting for their hearings to be completed. The Department of Homeland Security has said it regrets the Supreme Court decision and will continue to challenge the MPP. The Biden government is obliged to continue complying with all of the “Protocols” clauses.

On July 29, the Biden administration and Vice President Kamalla Harris program was released, which is designed to stem the flow of migrants from Central America. According to the provisions of this program, U.S. policy in such countries as El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala will focus on: eliminating economic inequality, fighting corruption, developing democratic institutions, eliminating organized crime and combating sexual and domestic violence.

On July 27, the DHS decided to resume the expedited deportation of illegal migrants from U.S. territory. Such a step, according to the agency, is legal and consistent with the “orderly and humane” immigration policy of the White House.

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