Twitter banned importing tweets to Trump’s new social network Gettr

Twitter banned importing tweets to Trump's new social network Gettr

The American social network Twitter, which had previously deleted the account of incumbent President Donald Trump for “calls for violence” after the attack on the Capitol, banned importing tweets to the new social network Gettr, which is called a project of the Trump team, on July 10, 2021.

Gettr responded with a claim against Twitter architect Jack Dorsey’s team. The leaders of the social network were called to understand whether the social network is responsible for the content or recognizes the ownership of users of their tweets.

At the same time the company once again reminded that they, unlike Twitter, have freedom of speech.

Earlier it became known that former U.S. President Donald Trump announced plans to file lawsuits against technology giants, including Facebook, Twitter and Google.

He called the actions of these companies to block his accounts in social networks censorship. The former head of the White House said that in addition to compensation and restoration of accounts, he wants the technological giants to take responsibility for their actions.

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