Trump Explained The Feud With Russia

Trump Explained The Feud With Russia

According to Donald Trump, the United States has no reason not to get along with Russia, relations with Moscow were badly affected by the Special Counsel investigation. 

“For two and a half years, we’ve watched this. And that’s the best they have, and it’s a disgrace. And the world is laughing at them. And unfortunately, it’s so bad for our country. It’s bad in our relationships with other countries, including Russia. There’s no reason we shouldn’t get along with Russia. There’s no reason we shouldn’t get along with other countries,” Trump told reporters. 

Despite claims that there were no reasons for bad relations with Moscow, Trump regularly reiterates that no one before him had taken such tough measures against Russia, including numerous sanctions and the mass expulsion of diplomats. 

On August 2, the United States intends to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and the official position of the administration on another fundamental document in the field of strategic stability – Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which expires in early 2021, has not yet been announced. 

In addition, the United States is actively putting pressure on different countries, prompting them to abandon the purchase of Russian weapons. Washington is also actively opposing the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. 

Mueller was investigating allegations of “Russian interference” in the election, which Moscow denies. As a result of the investigation, he confirmed the charges of interference. At the same time, he did not find evidence of “collusion” between Trump and Russia, the existence of which was denied both in the Kremlin and in the White House. 

This week, Mueller for the first time gave detailed testimony in Congress, answering parliamentarians’ questions.

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