Trump commented on Biden’s annual State of the Union address

Trump commented on Biden's annual State of the Union address

Former U.S. President Donald Trump advised current head of state Joe Biden’s address to Congress to “chill out.”

“He looks very angry, shouting into the microphone just as he’s trying to call for unity. Maybe someone should go up to the podium, clap him on the shoulder and say, ‘Chill out,'” Trump wrote on his Truth Social.

Biden devoted part of his address to the House and Senate with his annual State of the Union address to the problem of the U.S. national debt.

In particular, he tried to draw attention to the fact that both Democrats and Republicans oppose restrictions on federal health insurance programs. In doing so, President Biden put the responsibility for the fact that such ideas began to be discussed on the Republicans. Some representatives of that party objected, which led to a little discussion, and Biden had to raise his voice.

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