Jet Shark will ride both on and under water

Jet Shark will ride both on and under water

Jet Shark has unveiled a prototype of a new boat, code-named “Q”, which is capable of taking passengers at high speed – also underwater. It is not an underwater boat – on the contrary, the special hull shape and positive buoyancy always try to push the device to the water surface. But it can dive to the depths and then jump out of the water like dolphins and sharks.

Previously, such boats were extremely small and could accommodate no more than two people: a pilot and a passenger. Jet Shark takes on board four adults, after the launch, the capacity will increase to six people. They are placed inside a sealed capsule with panoramic windows through which you can admire the underwater world.

The prototype is powered by a 420 hp Kodiak Marine engine which will be increased to 600 hp in the future. When submerged, the engine uses a tube for air intake, located in the high “shark fin”. Other fins, front and rear, act as rudders for maneuvering and diving. The top speed of the production version of the machine will be 56 mph.

There is a camera inside the dorsal fin to monitor the surface as the Jet Shark moves underwater to avoid collisions. The creators of the boat guarantee that it is not able to roll over during any maneuvers and will resurface on its own even if the cabin is partially submerged. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the design, it will take a long time to get all the certificates to start production, so sales of the Jet Shark will not begin until 2024. The approximate price will be $250-300 thousand per model.