Trump called NBC News “the enemy of the people”

Former US President Donald Trump has called Comcast and the NBC News channel it owns “the enemy of the people” and called for them to be investigated.

“Almost all of them are dishonest and corrupt, but Comcast, with its lopsided and malicious coverage of NBC News, should be investigated for treason,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. – Why do NBC and other corrupt and dishonest media companies have the right to use precious U.S. airwaves for free? They are a true threat to democracy and are in fact the enemy of the people.”

He believes that “the media outlets that spread fake news should pay a heavy price” for the damage they have done to the US.

Trump also noted that if he is elected to the highest office of the US government in 2024, major US media outlets that he believes are spreading inaccurate information will be subjected to “scrutiny for their deliberately false and biased reporting.”

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