Trump appealed a court ruling that he must pay $10,000 a day

Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Hubba has appealed the decision of a New York state court that found the former U.S. president guilty of contempt of process.

The decision to find Trump guilty of contempt of court was made Monday on an appeal by state prosecutor Leticia James, who had earlier demanded that the former president provide a number of documents about his financial activities. Trump failed to do so.

As punishment, the judge ordered Trump to pay $10,000 a day until the documents were produced. The appeal does not specify whether any money has been received from the former president since Monday. The former president’s defense argues that he does not have the documents in question, so refusing to produce them does not constitute contempt of court.

In early April, New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced her intention to prosecute former U.S. President Donald Trump over alleged financial fraud at the Trump Organization, which he owns.