Swiss scientists have invented a new kind of chocolate

Even a treat like chocolate can eventually get boring. That is why Swiss scientists have decided to offer the world a completely new and much healthier chocolate recipe. It contains a significantly higher proportion of cacao beans – due to this, the final product is more beneficial and more environmentally friendly.

Traditional chocolate varieties contain only a small amount of pulp, which is carefully mixed with cocoa beans, milk powder, sugar and other ingredients, the amount of which determines how dark the chocolate will be. The ETH Zurich team’s new recipe emphasizes a greater proportion of the pulp and inner shell of the cacao pods. After careful blending, the result is an incredibly sweet product that requires no added sugar.

It took a lot of experimentation to achieve the optimal ratio of components. The result was a chocolate that contains up to 20% of the substance, which technologists from Switzerland called cocoa jelly. It makes the product similar in degree of sweetness to traditional dark chocolate. The recipe involves reducing the share of saturated fat by one third and increasing the share of fiber by 20%.

If the technology of “marmalade” chocolate becomes mass-produced, it will allow cocoa producers to earn more income. But it will be a long time before it appears on store shelves – it will require major changes in the industry. Farmers will have to master the new technology of drying raw materials and purchase the appropriate equipment. At the same time, chocolate producers will have to start incorporating it into their processes.

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