Donald Trump has said he will not allow the world conflict that Biden’s policies are leading to

Donald Trump said that if he wins the presidential election, he will not allow a large-scale world conflict, which he believes Joe Biden’s policies are leading to.

Speaking at the Libertarian Party USA’s national convention in Washington, Trump claimed he would “resolve the terrible conflict between Russia and Ukraine”. “That way we will stop spending hundreds of billions of dollars on someone else’s war and start saving thousands and thousands of lives,” Trump said.

“I’m committed to restoring peace and decency and stopping Joe Biden’s march toward World War III. You know you’re being led straight to World War III,” Trump addressed the audience, expressing his opinion that such a conflict would be unprecedented because of the ‘enormous armaments.’ “I’m the only one who is going to and who has the power to stop it,” he asserted.

Trump has developed a detailed plan for a peaceful end to the conflict in Ukraine, but will not announce it before the election. In an interview with Time magazine in late April, Trump said that if elected, he would not release aid to Ukraine if Europe would not do so.

Russia has repeatedly outlined its position on the situation around Ukraine at various levels. As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted earlier, Moscow has always been and remains open to a diplomatic settlement of the crisis and is ready to respond to really serious proposals, while the Kiev regime has interrupted and banned negotiations with Russia.

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