SpaceX has launched 46 new Starlink Internet satellites

SpaceX has launched 46 new Starlink Internet satellites

A Falcon 9 rocket launched another 46 satellites into space Friday, adding to the number of its orbiters for the global Internet system Starlink. SpaceX said in a press release.

“The launch of 46 Starlink satellites into orbit has been confirmed,” SpaceX said.

The rocket was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

In total, more than 50 groups of Internet satellites have already been launched into Earth orbit, the first of which went into space in May 2019. The total number of spacecraft already launched for the Starlink project is 2,904, of which some have malfunctioned or fallen out of orbit, but about 2,600 satellites remain operational.

As reported by news agencies, at the moment SpaceX is the largest satellite operator in the world. According to the company, the Starlink Internet network is available to users in 32 countries, including Australia, the Far East, Europe and North America.