Psaki spoke about Biden’s leisure time

Psaki spoke about Biden's leisure time

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told how US President Joe Biden spends his free time.

“Like many Americans, he loves movies, he has two dogs that he loves. I would say, I think he likes to spend time with his family and those he loves, just to take a break, as most people around the country do, ” Psaki said at a briefing in response to a question about how Biden spends his free time, especially evenings.

According to the White House spokesman, Biden does all this when he,”the leader of the free world, is given a limited amount of free time.” Psaki stressed that “the president is very close to his family, not only… with (wife) Dr. Biden, but also with his grandchildren, with whom, when given the opportunity, he spends time on weekends,” as well as with his children.

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