Global Leadership: Japan’s Supercomputer Becomes the Best in the World

Global Leadership: Japan's Supercomputer Becomes the Best in the World

The world-renowned supercomputer is the result of joint work of the Japanese Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) and Fujitsu. In fact, it serves not commercial, but scientific purposes, being in one of the institute’s divisions. Within seconds, this machine is capable of performing over 415 quadrillion operations. To make it clear: a quadrillion is a thousand trillion or a million billion. The previous record belonged to the American supercomputer Summit.

However, speed is not the only unsurpassed merit of the “Fugaku”. The first place in the world was taken by the Japanese machine for the method of calculating data in modeling, as well as for the ability to self-learn artificial intelligence and analyze large amounts of information. Victory in such a wide range of nominations has not yet won more than one computer. Thus, after a 9-year break, the Japanese regained the palm. Their previous record holder was the Kay computer. From second to fifth place in the current top 500 ranking, two supercomputers from the United States and two from China are in the list.

The United States and China occupy key positions there. In total, they account for two-thirds of the most advanced developments. As for the technology itself, it serves quite peaceful purposes: climate research, nuclear power, and genetic engineering. By the way, the Japanese “Fugaku” is currently busy predicting the further spread of the coronavirus.

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