Extreme Electric Scooter S1-X Accelerates to 100 km/h

Extreme Electric Scooter S1-X Accelerates to 100 km/h

A little more than a year ago it became known about the launch of a racing series within the framework of a new championship among high-speed electric scooters – eSkootr. According to the conditions of the competition, all 30 participants will compete on electric scooters S1-X.

The car has been developed by the joint efforts of the Italian companies YCOM and eSC, taking into account the experience gained during the creation of the Volkswagen high-speed electric car, which took part in traditional international races to climb the Pice Peak mountain (Colorado, USA).

The high-speed electric scooter features an aerodynamic carbon fiber chassis, separate aluminum front and rear suspension pieces, front and rear electric motors of 6 kW each, and a 1.5 kW⋅h lithium battery from Williams Advanced Engineering.

To maintain stability while driving, the S1-X features a torque transfer system that balances power between the front and rear wheels. In addition, riders have a 20 percent speed boost reserve at their disposal, which they can activate if necessary. The scooter weighs 35 kg.

YCOM has delivered a pilot batch of 10 S1-X for eSC, which has already been tested by 16 riders.

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