EU and US may team up to find source of coronavirus

EU and US may team up to find source of coronavirus

At the upcoming G7 meeting, the countries intend to join forces at the official level to find the source of COVID-19. According to the White House, China has not provided the World Health Organization with the necessary data on the virus.

The history of the infection has become even more complicated. For this reason, the world is in favor of a second investigation.Earlier, US President Joseph Biden ordered the special services to get an answer to the question of the origin of the virus within three months. But these are unrealistic deadlines.

It took several years to study the origin of SARS. We dealt with AIDS even more. From the investigation of the US special services on the coronavirus, sensations are expected.

Former US President Donald Trump is demanding that China pay the world compensation for the spread of the virus. The amount of damage by the American politician is estimated at $ 10 trillion.

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