First Official Photo For Disney’s Lady And The Tramp Remake

Disney Releases First Photograph Of Lady And The Tramp Remake

Disney is currently working on the 1955 film remake of Lady and the Tramp. The story of two dogs in love will come to life with the help of pets from the shelter. Their photo appeared on the cover of Disney Twenty Three magazine.

The main roles in the film were played by the Spaniel Rose (Lady) and the dog of uncertain breed Monte (Tramp). It is known that dogs will be voiced by Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux. However, other technical details have not yet been revealed, for example, it is unknown whether dogs will talk using animate articulation or Tessa and Justin will somehow voice their thoughts. But the happy fate of the dogs is already known: after the shooting, the Spaniel Rosa and Monte found a new home.



The premiere of Lady And The Tramp is scheduled for November 12. Disney+ streaming platform will be the first to show it.

Photo: Disney Twenty Three

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