Dembell has developed the most expensive house on wheels

Dembell has developed the most expensive house on wheels

The new European brand Dembell in cooperation with Mercedes, Ferrari and the designer of interiors of sea yachts Azimut has created a new version of a house on wheels, which is proudly called “land superyacht”. The name fully reflects the essence – it is a mobile luxury living complex for those who want to get away from civilization, but take all its amenities with you.

The land-based superyacht is built on the principle of a transformer, where there is a basic space and retractable modules to expand it. For example, by default, the master bedroom has a king-size bed and a similar one for the guests slides out of the niche on the second floor. The salon can be extended with pull-out racks, and there is a huge folding awning with wind and humidity sensor outside to create an outdoor picnic area.

The roof has a solar panel for generating energy, there is a 1000L water tank, a smart ventilation system and underfloor heating. Fully equipped kitchen from Miele including a 224L refrigerator, full 

bathroom, Bose surround sound acoustics and a washing machine. There are 55-inch TVs in the living room and bedroom and “captain’s” chairs with massage function in the cabin.


The entire living area of the land yacht has a flat floor 2m above the ground. The space underneath is taken by auxiliary equipment, plus there are as many as three garages. One is for bicycles, the second for ATVs, and the third by default contains a Ferrari California sports car. It is included in the price of the car, but its price is unknown – it is stated only that it will be “the most expensive house on wheels in the world.

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